IRIDIUM:A satellite service that helps fleets to be more efficient and secure anywhere in the world.

Iridium Certus Maritime is the new multi-service communication platform based on the Iridium NEXT constellation, able to offer high performance data transmission services, with a speed up to 1.4 Mbps, and the traditional reliability of voice services with truly global coverage.  

SIRM ITALIA is able to offer its customers the new Iridium Certus Maritime services as a valid alternative to traditional satellite communication solutions to meet the needs of large and small fleets with a high performance solution, flexible, with a high price/performance ratio and, above all, able to ensure a service that covers the entire earth’s surface, even covering polar areas.

Reliability and return on investment

  • IRIDIUM CERTUS offers customers a number of competitive advantages, including:
  • Reliability:Service based on 66 Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites to ensure a service with global coverage in every corner of the world and in all weather conditions.
  • Speed: With the ability to reach up to 1.4Mps, Iridium Certus is positioned as a truly broadband service.
  • Simplicity: Combining a range of lightweight, easy-to-install terminals with the speed and power of new satellites, it has never been easier to be on the move and stay connected.
  • Multi-Service platform: data, voice and security service in one terminal, keeping crew and business activities connected at all times. By 2020 the service will also be certified for Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS).

Iridium CERTUS – always connected ship

SIRM ITALIA, as Iridium service provider, offers the ability to integrate IRIDIUM services on board ship, ensuring:

  • An always available channel for critical on-board communications
  • A reliable service capable of supporting data exchange with ground offices via email or access to enterprise systems
  • Three standard voice lines for telephone communication, on which it is possible to enable services with prepaid cards for the crew
  • The whole range of FleetOnCloud services
  • A small terminal easily tirelessly on board

The Iridium terminal has a 5-year warranty and is the only marine terminal capable of providing truly global service coverage.

Safety first: with IRIDIUM a GMDSS pole to pole solution and the only LRIT for A4 navigation areas

IRIDIUM is in the process of certifying the service with the GMDSS regulation and is the only service able to ensure compliance with the Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) regulation in A4 navigation areas for all ships (passenger ships, high-speed craft, mobile offshore drilling and cargo ships) above 300GT. Iridium enables the LRIT service through the Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) solution with a truly global coverage and high service performance.

With a constellation of 66 interconnected Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, the IRIDIUM network provides maritime customers with the highest robustness and reliability anywhere in the world, including polar areas not covered by other satellite constellations. The network is constantly evolving and, with the new IRIDIUM NEXT constellation, it will be possible to offer new truly broadband services with the reliability and ease of installation typical of PILOT terminals.

Flexible and cost-competitive tariff plans

Iridium Pilot and Certus are an excellent tool for “crew retention” policies, allowing easy access to all the crew to data services (email, internet and social media management) and voice communications, with the possibility to have up to three calls at the same time with the use of prepaid crew cards.





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Global Connectivity

A comprehensive range of satellite connectivity solutions integrated with FleetOnCloud value-added services to meet the need to have a ship always connected


Wide range of SATCOM terminals designed and optimized for use in the maritime sector, thanks to the partnership with major international brands.

24/7 Support

Support for the entire life cycle of the project, through NOC active 24/7 with a dedicated team of experts, to ensure maximum availability of the satellite service.

A range of solutions to give value to satellite connectivity

FleetOnCloud Gateway

Multi-function and multi-channel device for centralized management of the network, on-board services and available satellite channels (primary and backup).

FleetOnCloud Operation

Integrated solution to safely and effectively manage fleet operations and capture the value generated by the data available on board

FleetProtect Cybersecurity

Solutions and systems for network security on board ship through a customized approach that takes into account systems, software, procedures and human factor.

FleetOnCloud CrewONE

 Integrated solution to securely and effectively manage access to voice and data services for crew and passengers through a single Virtual Scratch Card


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