SIRM Italia offers a wide range of products for the maritime sector, selecting the best brands, in terms of quality and reliability, worldwide. The internal design team is able to select the best solutions based on the specific needs of each customer and to ensure their integration to comply with stringent international regulations.

Below is an overview of the portfolio of solutions in Communications (GMDSS Radio Equipment, Inmarsat Satellite Equipment, Portable VHF, VSAT Solutions with global or regional coverage), Navigation (ECDIS, RADAR in X and S band) and Security (Voyage Data Recorders) offered by SIRM Italia.

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SIRM Italia is one of the recognized leaders for turn-key solutions for communication and navigation services, integrated bridge electronics and communication services.  From a simple GMDSS station integrated in a custom console to an integrated bridge, SIRM Italia has the necessary background and experience to support the customer in the choice of the best products and in the subsequent installation and commissioning phases.   SIRM solutions apply to new constructions, retrofits and integrated projects for the military/government sector.

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SIRM technicians have the necessary certifications to install and maintain electronic and GMDSS equipment, are trained and certified directly by our partners and have decades of experience in the installation and maintenance of equipment on all types of ships. SIRM has a deep knowledge of IMO and SOLAS standards to be taken into consideration before the construction or installation of the systems.

SIRM is able to realize a specific project, starting from the general arrangement of the ship, for integrated navigation and communication consoles, according to navigation areas, dimensions and class. In addition, SIRM has the resources for internal communications systems including PA, GA, CCTV and TVRO.

From concept-to-proposal to sea trials, SIRM offers shipping companies or shipyards a proven track-record and an opportunity to simplify the production process in partnership with experts in the integration of electronic equipment on board ship.


Safety products for maritime

For all products, our customers can count on the post-sales structure of SIRM ITALIA, with direct offices in Italy and a network of service points with technical partners worldwide, able to support customers in maintaining the efficiency of the equipment.

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SIRM ITALIA, as JRC partner, has the ability to offer to the market the new ProLine product line, a complete catalogue of products dedicated to a wide range of IMO and non-IMO boats (work boats, tugboats. fishing boats of various sizes and other types of ships), from <500GT up to 10.000GT. Thanks to the unique strengths of the products included in the catalogue, SIRM Italia is able to make the activities easier for the customer or the shipyard by offering a global range of tested, complete and one-stop-shopping products, something never seen before in the nautical industry.

A Complete Range of Satellite Communications Productsi

Commercial Vessels GMDSS and Airtime Solutions

Satellite Communications Equipment Mandatory

A complete range of products to ensure GMDSS, Ship Security Alert Systems (SSAS) and Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) communications using Inmarsat SatC equipment and the new Iridium certified GMDSS solutions that complement the traditional SSAS and LRIT solutions. SIRM ITALIA, in addition to the equipment supply, also offers the possibility to manage communication services such as PSA and Accounting Authority (IU02). In the SIRM ITALIA catalogue is also available the new product Lars Thrane LT-3100S GMDSS System

Internet Satellite Communications Equipment

A complete range of products to ensure internet access for enterprise communications (email, intranet access, chart and publication downloads, software updates) using Inmarsat Fleetbroadband and FleetOne and Iridium Pilot and Certus devices. SIRM ITALIA, thanks to the partnership with the main operators worldwide, is able to offer Airtime services and all value added services (cloud email, cybersecurity, digital charts update).

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gmdss Products Integrated Bridge Jrc proline products prodotti per navi commerciali GMDSS

Broadband Satellite Communications Equipment

A complete range of VSAT products of the main international brands (Intellian and Cobham) to make available truly broadband communication services on board commercial and passenger ships, using satellite constellations in C-band, KU-band and the latest KA-band technology, with Inmarsat FleetXpress SIRM ITALIA solutions, thanks to the partnership with the main worldwide operators, is able to offer Airtime services and all value-added services (cloud email, cybersecurity, digital charts update, crew internet access).

Satellite Telephony Equipment

A complete range of satellite phones for effective and reliable communication anywhere in the world. SIRM ITALIA is able to offer Inmarsat iSatPhone, Iridium Phone and Thuraya phones. SIRM ITALIA, thanks to the partnership with the main operators worldwide, is able to offer Airtime services both in subscription and prepaid cards.

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