SIRM Italia offers its customers a wide and articulated portfolio of satellite solutions based on the most modern technologies (VSAT, fleetbroaband, inmarsat, thuraya, iridium) to support all on-board communications and to make the main business processes more efficient.

The satellite maritime solutions proposed by SIRM Italia support customers in the optimized management of fleets and crew welfare processes, in compliance with increasingly stringent regulations, supporting the connection with terrestrial broadband networks and ensuring maximum cost/performance ratio.

SIRM Italia is a one-stop provider for all satellite communication platforms in the maritime environment, such as VSAT (C, KA and KU-band), Inmarsat FleetXpress, Inmarsat C and legacy services, FleetOne, FleetBroadband, Iridium Certus and Thuraya. Based on the specific communication needs of the customer, our experts are able to identify the best solution and related value-added services.

SIRM Italia is able to provide a complete range of solutions, from a simple mobile satellite phone to an integrated VSAT communication solution (with global or regional coverage) to offer internet access to cruise ship passengers.

Communication services are crucial today on board any ship and will be more and more so in the future, for this reason SIRM Italia has decided to invest in the most advanced technological solutions and to provide customers with a dedicated design and support team.

Maritime VSAT solutions represent for shipping companies an investment that can improve process productivity and crew welfare, thanks to the ability to offer broadband solutions with global coverage for both data and voice at extremely competitive costs. SIRM Italia, thanks to partnerships with leading global operators, is able to offer VSAT connectivity solutions in KU/KA/C band both with global and regional coverage. Recently SIRM Italia’s portfolio of offerings has also been enriched with Inmarsat’s FleetXpress solution that combines in a single solution a global coverage in KA band combined with the reliability of the FleetBroadband backup solution. All proposed solutions include at least one backup satellite to the main satellite to ensure continuous connectivity for our customers.

Dettagli VSAT
Dettagli FleetXpress

FleetBroadband is one of the most widespread technological solutions in the field of maritime communications, thanks to the wide coverage of the service, the quality of voice service combined with a data service with global coverage. The solution is characterized by a high price/performance ratio with an equipment that is easy to install, configure and maintain. The solution is based on the BGAN network and uses the satellite constellation Inmarsat I-4 ensuring access to all internet services and constant connection with the company network, also through the value-added solutions for intranet and VPN proposed by SIRM Italia.
o meet the communication needs of small boats with occasional or seasonal use of the service and as a complement to VHF and GSM communication solutions, Inmarsat has launched the Fleet One solution on the market, with two tariff plans to best meet the communication needs of commercial and pleasure boats.

SIRM Italia is Gold Service Provider of Inmarsat and partner of the most important Inmarsat VAR.

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In the field of mobile satellite solutions, SIRM Italia is also able to offer its customers voice and data solutions based on IRIDIUM and Thuraya constellations.  The Iridium service allows voice, SMS and data communications with 100% global coverage of the planet (including all oceans, air spaces and polar regions). It is an ideal solution for both the maritime and aviation sectors, the government, the military, the media, emergency and humanitarian services as well as for all those who want a reliable and extended coverage service.
Thuraya is a system based on a network of latest generation Geostationary satellites whose coverage includes over 150 countries. The system supports data and voice transmission in satellite mode. This network is designed to offer personal mobile services even in remote areas and has evolved to complete the offer with equipment for vehicular, maritime and land use.
SIRM Italia as an independent operator is able to identify the best solution based on the needs of its customer and to offer a series of value added services to complete the communication system.

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Dettagli Thuraya

SIRM Italia offre al mercato anche soluzioni di comunicazione satellitare Inmarsat necessarie per assicurare la sicurezza di bordo secondo quanto stabilito da Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS).

SIRM offre tre soluzioni INMARSAT, secondo quanto stabilito dall’IMO, Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention, Chapter IV, ovvero:

Inmarsat C
Inmarsat Fleet F77

Le imbarcazione con i terminali Inmarsat che supportano la funzione Distress sono in grado di inviare un allarme con la semplice pressione del tasto SOS dedicato. L’ allarme è gestito con elevata priorità dalle stazioni di terra Inmarsat e inviato al Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre (MRCC). In aggiunta le navi hanno anche la possibilità di inviare distress priority messages attraverso l’Inmarsat C.

Per le comunicazioni voce è anche possibile utilizzare le soluzioni portatili ISatPhone che offrono un servizio telefonico satellitare di elevata qualità in qualsiasi punto del globo. SIRM Italia offre la possibilità di offrire la soluzione a basso costo iSatPhone Pro o il robusto iSatPhone2 .

SIRM Italia also offers the market Inmarsat satellite communication solutions necessary to ensure safety on board as established by Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS).

SIRM offers three INMARSAT solutions, as established by IMO, Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention, Chapter IV, and in particular the solutions Inmarsat C

Boats with Inmarsat terminals that support the Distress function are able to send an alarm by simply pressing the dedicated SOS button. The alarm is managed with high priority by Inmarsat shore stations and sent to the Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre (MRCC). In addition, ships also have the possibility to send distress priority messages through the Inmarsat C.

For voice communications, it is also possible to use ISatPhone portable solutions that offer a high quality satellite phone service anywhere on the globe. SIRM Italia offers the possibility to offer the low cost solution iSatPhone Pro or the robust iSatPhone2.

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We are aware that there is not a satellite communication solution suitable for all ships, that’s why at SIRM Italia we work to always find the best solution for our customers, with a specific response for large commercial transport fleets, passenger ships, fishing vessels and pleasure craft. With an ever increasing demand for services that focus on reliability and performance, without losing sight of costs, SIRM Italia provides solutions that offer the best to support operational efficiency and to offer internet access services for crew and passengers.
We provide satellite services using the different available constellations (VSAT, Inmarsat Fleetbroadband and FleetOne, Inmarsat FleetXpress, Iridium, Thuraya) able to offer global coverage, maximum network availability, reliable voice services, high speed data and easy integration with ground systems. Our connectivity service offering always combines with a wide range of value-added cloud services to make it even easier to reach a ship anywhere in the world.

Our value proposition is based on:

  • Solution engineering (airtime products and services)
  • Sale or rental of communication equipment (VSAT antennas, FBB Terminals, Iridium Thuraya)
  • Managing main communication channel backup options
  • Installation and configuration with a team of qualified professionals
  • Selection of the best partners to ensure the availability of a robust and reliable network
  • Customer services 24/7/365, through the Network Operation Center and worldwide support
  • Alert thresholds management and consumption control
  • Integrated billing service for a clear and transparent telephone account
  • Possibility to use pre-paid or post-paid solutions
  • On-board IT management and ready-to-use cloud solutions
  • Cybersecurity Management

 The best solution for every request of our customers. Always!

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Global Connectivity

A comprehensive range of satellite connectivity solutions integrated with FleetOnCloud value-added services to meet the need to have a ship always connected


Wide range of SATCOM terminals designed and optimized for use in the maritime sector, thanks to the partnership with major international brands.

24/7 Support

Support for the entire life cycle of the project, through NOC active 24/7 with a dedicated team of experts, to ensure maximum availability of the satellite service.

A range of solutions to give value to satellite connectivity

FleetOnCloud Gateway

Multi-function and multi-channel device for centralized management of the network, on-board services and available satellite channels (primary and backup).

FleetOnCloud Operation

Integrated solution to safely and effectively manage fleet operations and capture the value generated by the data available on board

FleetProtect Cybersecurity

Solutions and systems for network security on board ship through a customized approach that takes into account systems, software, procedures and human factor.

FleetOnCloud CrewONE

 Integrated solution to securely and effectively manage access to voice and data services for crew and passengers through a single Virtual Scratch Card


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